limelight def

We offer marketing, public relations, advertising and project management services for clients. Our mission is to put your company, your products and services in the LimeLight.

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  1. It’s 3am and you receive an email. It is most likely to be:
    • Your mom
    • Your financial investor
    • Your facebook friend
    • Your new marketing and p/r firm LimeLight Creative Group.
  2. You want the CEO of the largest retailer in your targeted market to notice your product. What’s your plan of action?
    • Email the CEO. (oops, you just went to the bottom of his/her spam pile)
    • Call the secretary. (Really, they are out of the country AGAIN?!?)
    • Mail your product to company headquarters (the mailroom attendant thanks you)
    • Task your new marketing and p/r firm LimeLight Creative Group to plan a strategy (buckle up and get your assembly line ready)
  3. You want to expand your audience and sell more (widgets)
    • Sign up for a facebook page (you have 200 likes!)
    • Place 500 flyers on car windshields in local parking lot (471 additions to recycling bin. 1 unhappy parking lot attendant)
    • Advertise using local media for one week (Better strategy and you reached 100,000 potential customers. But, did it just break your bank with disappointing ROI?)
    • Task your new marketing and p/r firm LimeLight Creative Group to create a marketing strategy within your budget that maximizes the Go Bold, Go Big strategy)