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Growing a healthier community

JV Smith Companies takes growing to a new level

The POWer PLAY'te program in Yuma schools is not only growing a new incentive for Yuma kids to eat healthier, it is giving local grower Vic Smith an opportunity to improve our community. For those that know Vic Smith, this comes as no surprise.

Vic Smith is the President and CEO of JV Smith Companies, a diverse operation with farming, cooling and distribution facilities and shipping capacities. His growing operations take place in Yuma, Colorado and Mexico. JV Smith Companies is the parent company over six produce related companies, four of which call Yuma home.  The operations take place in Yuma, Colorado and Mexico.

Smith is an advocate for healthy living. He is the Chairman of the Board of the Yuma Regional Medical Center, where he works tirelessly to enhance the lives of Yuma residents by supporting programs and initiatives including the YRMC Foundation's YOUTH initiative, a program designed to encourage school kids to include fitness in their everyday lives.

Looking for inspiration for healthy eating means looking no farther than his own window. He is growing thousands of acres of "super foods" including leafy greens as well as dozens of various healthy vegetables. Knowing that consumers are eating his produce not only provides his companies with a firm foundation, it also gives him great pleasure to know he may be contributing to better health for consumers.

"I enjoy helping people. I thrive on making a difference and especially if it means helping kids and improving their odds. Childhood obesity is at a critical point and we need to do something. I'm thrilled to be a part of a new approach and believe the POWer PLAY'te project will reach these kids," stated Smith.

The JV Smith Company stands firmly behind the project and has provided significant funding to ensure every Yuma elementary school will serve lunch on the play'tes as well as take part in the POWer PLAY'te educational curriculum. Smith added, "I'm proud to say that over 12,000 kids will be saturated this year with healthy habits. They will hear about it in the classroom, from the cafeteria team, through our commercial and will eat on it 33 times. I think this play'te has staying power!"

The schools will have a contest to see which class eats the most veggies and fruits. The class that shows the most improvement will receive a prize. The prize? An agriculture field trip with Vic Smith and company, of course.

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